November 23rd, 2009

Ronette Pulaski

We will know society has achieved awesomeness when a bona fide moopsball league is formed.

UPDATE: I spent too much time preparing my moopsball strategy, so Mountain Time will return Thursday.

Also, if you’re not aware/familiar, Mountain Time is now powered by OhNoRobot, which makes Mountain Time episodes searchable by text! (You’ll find the search bar on the Archive page.) The comics have to be transcribed before they can be searched, though. If you want to help, look for the robot above the calendar on the right. If he’s there, the comic still needs transcribed.


  1. kiev

    is that a flat top or another small hat? love the mutated nursery rhyme

  2. AlbinoNinja

    Wait a second… how do you say pictures?

  3. Melodie

    I call cavalryman! Or maybe the thing dressed as a turkey, not sure what that is.

  4. isto

    kiev: a flat top, I think.
    Albino: heh… yeah. Maybe you don’t?
    Melodie: I believe the turkey guy is the team wizard, who chose to go the “feathered, gibbering shaman” route.

  5. kiev

    albino- you mean you don’t speak pictures? am i the only one? or is albino really freud?

  6. Melodie

    Kiev - No, Freud is Albino.

  7. The Golden Protractor.

    Anyone up for a Mountain Time game of Moopsball in 2012? I’m sure we’ll have enough readers by then. If not we can join forces Pictures for Sad Children and take on SMBC, or something.

    If only I was over 200lbs… then I could be a Guardian. I’ve got some weight to gain before the match. :)

  8. kiev

    i’m in. anyone think we can get freud to play?

  9. Melodie

    I’m in. We should actually do this for real… Round up a bunch of odd people and create a magical Mountain Time Moopsball game.

  10. isto

    I cannot encourage this enough.

  11. xscythe7x

    oh my goodness. First of all, the fact that you know that song. And secondly, that’s basically what I thought the words were for a very long time. (dozey doats etc.)

  12. isto

    Those ARE the words; the whole “mares eat oats” bit is just there to help you in case “the words sound queer and funny to your ear.”

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