October 7th, 2009

Ex Lion Tamer

Shampoo Week

Happy Shampoo Week! I hope you’re all remembering to use shampoo — but don’t overdo it. Find a shampooing schedule that makes your hair clean and nice-smelling without leaving it dry and damaged.

Again, for Shampoo Week enthusiasts who are also Halloween enthusiasts, check out these Mountain Time Jack-o’-lanterns!

And to reader Bart, as well as 1994 Olympic short-track skater Randy Bartz — oh yeah, and friggin’ Yo-Yo Ma:

Yo, Bart


  1. BTO the Bad Bowler

    Thank you. And thank you to Felicia day for being so cool (even though she didn’t endorse that message nor will even see this)

  2. Siphon

    Happy Birthday Bart! By the way, you all should read “The Platypus of Doom and other Nihilists” (who are, in case you are wondering, the Aardvark of Despair, the Armadillo of Destruction, and the Clam of Catastrophe) by Arthur Byron Cover. You will enjoy it. It reminds me of this comic.

  3. Golden Joe

    I’m just glad he didn’t run into the Hippo of Hypocrisy.

  4. Ixcaliber

    Felicia Day is nice, but she’s no Summer Glau. I refuse to have a happy birthday until some kind of unendorsed statement from Summer Glau encourages me to do so.

  5. isto

    Sorry, but I can only afford to pretend to hire ONE birthday-wishing celebrity.

  6. The Golden Protractor.

    So I really had no idea who Felicia Day is before now. Gotta do a better job keeping up with celebrities. Happy Shampoo Week everyone!

  7. Ixcaliber

    Oh no! Now I can never have a happy birthday! You’ve marred the rest of my life with your ridiculously low budget! I swear I won’t rest until I find your budget and raise it!

    Actually that’s not very threatening at all. Ah forget it. Who needs birthdays anyway?

  8. isto

    Ixcaliber: You really ought to carry through on your threats! Brinkmanship doesn’t work if I can’t believe you.

    Protractor: You really ought to get your hands on “Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog”. It’s a movie you’ll actually enjoy watching.

    Joe: You really ought to google up the cover of “The Platypus of Doom…” as it is remarkable.

  9. Petecifc

    Ducks have it all - they can walk (kinda), fly, swim and have telekentic powers. That’s so Fowl….

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