September 22nd, 2009

Mountain Time 100

For the occasion of the 100th episode of Mountain Time, I give you evidence of my intelligence level and general status re: maturity. The hardest part about writing this one was choosing which dirty names not to use.

The hardest part of making this comic was defacing a classic piece of American artwork again. Props to Kristen, dawg.

And props to you, awesome reader! I know you’re awesome because I specifically designed Mountain Time to appeal to awesome people.

Pelican Cello, Pelican Cello


  1. AlbinoNinja

    Congratulations on your 100th comic!

  2. The Golden Protractor.

    Hooteropolis: Where the Hooters Hoot. Hilarious. I wonder if Zach Weiner from SMBC had ancestors who died of cholera under George Washington?
    Also: I think it’s time for a 100th comic party!

  3. Golden Joe

    You sir, are brilliant. Congrats on the 100th comic. Here’s to 100 more comics of “Menopause the Musical”.

  4. isto

    Ah boy, Menopause the Musical is going to be tough to get 100 episodes from. Any other suggestions?

  5. Golden Joe

    How about the Sex Stapler and Nipple Sphinx Show? Featuring special guest, Surf Rat.

  6. The Notorious Hamster.

    I still like the butt plug on the boat better though.

  7. Petecifc

    Two Words: BUTT TROWEL.

  8. ColdFusion

    OH god, and then the guy at the end said what I was thinking. I LOVE IT WHEN COMICS DO THAT.
    You’re welcome inside my head anytime.

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