July 21st, 2009

Elisabeth Shue

That guy got a strike AND he died without ever seeing Manos: The Hands of Fate. Some guys have all the luck.


  1. Golden Joe

    You know, zombies can watch movies too. Does Mountain Time now endorse zombie discrimination?

    Anyway, brilliant job and everything. I loved how random the last two panels are.

  2. Dougie

    The mailbox has such a wonderfully skewed, yet familiar perspective on the world.

  3. The Notorious Hamster.

    This reminds me of the F$D skit with the gay zombies. Braaaaaaainnsss… i mean, peniisssssss!

  4. The Golden Protractor.

    I seem to recall once seeing a space octopus/squid/jellyfish thing in Star Trek TNG once. Anyway, it was blue and it had tentacles. And it was in space.

    I always feel sorry for bowling pins. They’re like hookers. Just standing up, doing what they have to to get along. Getting knocked around for no good reason. Then they just lay down in an alley. I have great sympathy for hookers. They’re so undervalued.

  5. isto

    You know what? I’m going to go ahead and say yes, Mountain Time does endorse discrimination against zombies.

    Also, Protractor, the original idea was for it to be a space octopus! But octopi are really smart, and could probably figure out where the elevator is on their own, so that wouldn’t have made any sense.

  6. Siphon

    A fellow accidentally ingested some alpha-L-glucose and discovered that he had no ill effects. Apparently he was ambidextrose.

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