July 9th, 2009

Ron Dean

Should the “Fuck You” in “Lenny the Fuck You Zebra” be hyphenated? Probably. But do you want to tell him?


  1. Golden Joe

    Never mind trainers, where do they get boxing gloves that tiny? Great job and everything like that.

  2. The Notorious Hamster.

    Everything about this comic is funny.
    I just want to know which candle won.

  3. lenny the fuck you zebra

    it should not me hyphenated. your comic is good a s always XD

  4. The Golden Protractor.

    Yay! I wanted Lenny to come back, and he did! What a deus ex machina ending.
    “#1 Dad: because you have no basis for comparison” Love it.

  5. Dougie

    I once had a hyphenated zebra…

  6. Petecific

    I knew a kid once who went through a phase of wearing T-Shirts with “Pro-Great-Job-Dad” slogans. He was around the age of 18 and had not fathered any kids (or anything else for that matter). I think he drank from a #1 Dad mug. Go figure.

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